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Web Creation

Digital is in the process of radically transforming the French and European economy. On a daily basis, we see the arrival of new startups that interpret this tool as a new growth driver. Our team is working with you to help you better understand the opportunities offered by digital.

Today digital is not simply the creation of a web device because it is part of a whole, in the same way that an organ or a muscular tissue is part of an organism. It is a lever for creating new business models.

Indeed, it brings a renewal to your activity and allows you to offer your services and products in a different way and to operate with new marketing methods.

Our work has a much broader impact than just creating a device. We add to your organization and contribute to its new digital moult. You will then be able to acquire new knowledge about your activity as well as your organization, by learning to deal with a new business deal due to the integration of digital in your strategic plans.

Création site web Marseille Lyon Paris

Web Development

Web Creation & Redesign
Digital Transformation

Création site web Marseille Lyon Paris

Web & Print Design

Graphical Charter
Visual Identity

Création site web Marseille Lyon Paris


Search Engine Optimization
Performance Monitoring

Création site web Marseille Lyon Paris

Branding Processing

Strategy of attraction
Brand Image

The creation of your web device goes through a starting point where we carry out a strategic reflection. We then develop your site by designing it from scratch or reshaping it accordingly to your objectives. Our team builds strategic content around keywords in order to boost the SEO of your web device to the search engines, on which we follow up. The creation also goes beyond because we propose to edit your logos, flyers, business cards and work your brand image.

Our Goal

Create a web-based device with high added value, taking into account your positioning, your brand universe and your customers. We apply our skills to the economic performance of your company and also to the customer experience. Your website acts as a generator of opportunities, which highlights your products and services, but also as a privileged relationship space for visitors.

Our +

Our specialists in webdesign, graphics, referencing and writing, brainstorm together to create a technically and strategically efficient device. We study upstream your business model, products and services, competitive advantages, market positioning, strategic objectives and development. This preliminary study of your business universe puts us in a favorable position to create a web device in line with your economic strategy. We ensure for you the follow-up of the results related to site traffic to measure your conversion rate and be reactive to all evolutions to bring.

Your advantages

We choose together the type of site that suits you best and we immediately undertake a work of scripting your needs (storyboard, specifications).

We follow you for the referencing of your site, we ensure its safety and we manage its maintenance. You also benefit from training by our project manager to evolve the site according to your activity and digital trends.

You gain more time to focus on your business, while your site attracts customers. We guide you so that you can evolve your site according to your desires, and we accompany you in the long term. Now you have a “responsive” site (optimized display on pc, smartphones and tablets) that matches your identity!

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 “An open, benevolent, dynamic dream team, both responsive and proactive. My Green Startup is more than a consulting agency, it is truly a digital strategy partner, in the major stages of development as well as on a daily basis. Delighted to work with you!”
(Floriane Blanc-Gilbert – Exludo)

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