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Press Relations

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You want to talk about your product / service with a qualified audience?

Press relations 2.0 is the logical evolution of traditional press relations, which take into account the new information landscape. As the print media decline, blogs proliferate and press titles migrate to digital media. It is vital to follow this digital transition by adapting your choice of press support to the new habits of the readers.

Benefit from a visibility enhancer with a qualified audience, through specialized press titles representative of your target audience.

Your Advantages

  • Benefit from the choice of the most relevant titles for your target and your message among a diversified and representative catalog of your sector
  • Touch a qualified audience that is sensitive to your product or service and your values
  • Let your business know about an expanded ecosystem
  • Take advantage of the expertise of our editors to translate your positioning into accessible terms
  • Give yourself writing articles based on the editorial line of the media for a tenfold impact
  • Increase the scope of articles with a strategic link on social networks
  • Receive media coverage and press kit 2.0

Understand the Press Relations 2.0

  • Subjected to a profound upheaval in their market, the traditional media have revised their formulas in order to remain attractive. These are the digital versions that come out of the game, taking advantage of the digital transformation and consumer reading habits
  • These new digital media come from a recasting of economic models often based on free content. It becomes necessary to monetize the audience, and for this it is not uncommon for the company to propose its own content
  • Being highlighted by a media that enjoys a good reputation in its sector is a guarantee of quality and confidence for the reader.
  • It is a mean of establishing its credibility and gaining momentum in notoriety, all the more so if the operation is integrated into a complete digital strategy
  • The press relations 2.0 are thus part of a global digital strategy that necessarily includes the digital channels of the brand (website, blog, social networks, emailings)

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