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Marketing Automation

Engage your prospects

Digital has made possible the automation of steps to approach a prospect to oneself. Indeed, today we have web technologies that allow us to identify a prospect and to follow it in its shopping and decision-making process concerning a product and / or a service. The cloud also allows us to manage the growth of our databases. These constitute, more and more, the true asset of a company and are highlighted through a systemic communication in stages.

The objective is to establish a relationship with its own audience through an ever more relevant communication and in tune with the needs of customers and prospects. Today, every ambitious company is constantly confronted with its audience: customers, prospects, partners. Through targeted and constant communication, it builds its own reputation and creates a permanent link with all stakeholders in its business.

Our Objective

We know the importance of mastering profiles for a company. To do this, we continually explore our customers’ business to direct content marketing and generate qualified contacts. We develop buyers personas, a step-by-step purchasing / decision-making path and content adapted to each of these stages.

Our +

We have already helped many companies and startups to better know their business and their markets targets. We know the art of inbound marketing and make it accessible to all our partners. We are professionals in the creation of marketing content and we put this expertise at the service of our customers. We appropriate the business of our customers, discover and study their products, services, aims to better focus our activities on the canvas.

Your Advantages

You can count on a team of young professionals with multiple skills: strategists, project manager, content marketer, developers and designers. We accompany you, shed light on subjects that may seem difficult to access, draw up a roadmap and keep you informed of the results by regularly followed statistical monitoring.

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