What is Nurturing Marketing or Lead Nurturing?

lead-nurturingLead Nurturing is a technique for maintaining or strengthening a marketing relationship with a prospect. This process focuses on prospects upstream of long purchase cycles or prospects with projects that are far away in time.


The goal is to turn your “cold” prospects into “hot” prospects


The cold prospect shows an interest in the product but does not have enough elements to decide to buy. The hot prospect is informed and is convinced enough to buy the product.

The lead nurturing is therefore aimed at prospects who are not yet ready to buy. The interest is then to provide them with quality educational content, upstream of the purchase cycle, in order to help them advance in their reflection and maturity.


In practice, how does Lead Nurturing show ?


This is to provide the prospect with relevant and interesting content that will allow you to keep in touch, and to remain present in his mind while in the process of purchasing or decision making. This process will enable him to form his opinion at his own pace.

Social networks, newsletters, automation, ebooks, webinars … All these elements are likely to advance the prospect in his reflection. By putting him in confidence by multiplying the points of contact, the passage to the act of purchase is facilitated.

The Inbound Marketing, or how to bring the customer to himself, is thus the condition for success of a strategy of lead nurturing.


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