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Your Business Development service

You want to conquer new markets and start your business internationally safely?

We select international conferences and events to perform public relations missions in the regions you are targeting. We will decrypt for you industrial and / or commercial opportunities in these new areas.

Our multi-axial approach allows us to understand the functioning of a new regional market, the economic players already installed or in the integration phase. We study which strategies, actions and business models to adopt to position themselves.

The mission of public relations results in a knowledge transfer and a first address book to envisage a real industrial and / or commercial development in the region concerned.

Your Advantages

  • Benefit from an analysis and an informed strategic vision of your development strategy in a new market
  • Select potential partners from a qualified list of contacts present on the event
  • Receive a list of contacts and address book to be used
  • Broaden your horizon and your ecosystem
  • Discover the business culture of the target country
  • Benefit from a support for the connection with potential partners
  • Ensure strategic and competitive intelligence through reporting

Understand Public Relations

  • Benchmark : We study the competition in your target market, the best practices in your sector, the business culture of the country and the promising channels of business. With a better understanding of the target market and its players, you will position your strategy in line with your internal resources
  • Contact :  We contact the selected partners together upstream
  • Reporting : We analyze the contacts we have had with you and follow the progress of the negotiations

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