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Become an Outstanding Webmarker

You have a website but it is not finished. You must now make yourself known and recognized to transform your new prospects into future customers.
Who has never dreamed of attracting customers (almost) effortlessly?

Social networks will help you deploy your e-reputation and demonstrate your expertise and leadership in your field in order to attract and federate an active community of prospects, professionals and stakeholders.
Complementing a traditional business approach, your strategy on social networks will determine the propensity of prospects to naturally appeal to you.

Expertise and experience
Our trainers are active professionals

Listening and personalization
We adapt the training to your industry

We keep in touch after training

Social Networking and Web Marketing


This indicative program can be customized according to your sector of activity / problem.

Understanding users
  • The course of the surfer
Social Networking Strategy
  • The benefits of social networks
  • Use by companies
Develop your e-presence
  • Build your editorial line
  • Establishing your content calendar
  • Disseminate your message: objective, target, social network
Focus and Case Studies
  • LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Google +, Youtube

Formation social media et Formation Gestion du Back Office

Go further / Ressources
  • Hootsuite, MailChimp, Canva

Formation social media et Formation Gestion du Back OfficeFormation social media et Formation Gestion du Back OfficeFormation social media et Formation Gestion du Back Office


This indicative program can be customized according to your sector of activity / problem.

Content & SEO
  • Writing for the web and notions of SEO
  • Creating and broadcasting videos and images for the web
  • Optimization of posts
SEA : set up advertising campaigns
  • Animate the page with events and competitions
  • Facebook ads and ads in applications
  • The battle of “fans”: how to win?
Watch & Performance
  • On-line Presence and Image Analysis Tools
  • Performance Measurement for Social Media Campaigns
  • Set up an e-reputation watch and creative watch
  • MailChimp Module (2h)
  • Adwords Module (2h)

Formation social media et Formation Gestion du Back Office.


  • Webmanager, webmarketer
  • Marketing / communication manager in charge of digital marketing strategy
  • SMBs wishing to efficiently manage their digital marketing tools
  • Self-entrepreneurs wanting to manage their communication effectively and independently


Your needs

You are an entrepreneur, a leader of a SMB or responsible for the digital marketing strategy in a company and wish to administer alone or in small team your presence on the social networks and on the Internet. You want to acquire the tools and develop a working organization to make your business known, attract more prospects and spread the identity of your brand on the internet.

Your levek
    • Fundamentals of Internet
    • Common Practice of the Web and Office Tools
    • Basic knowledge of social networks, even at a personal level



Your needs

You have acquired the fundamentals of communication via digital marketing channels (social networks, newsletter) during Level I training and you want to deepen your inbound marketing strategy with the creation of well-referenced content. You want to launch controlled advertising campaigns for an optimal return on investment and engage your community through competitive games. You care about your e-reputation and want to create an effective monitoring strategy.

Your level
    • Writing sensitivity
    • Know how to manage a budget




  • Administering a Web Device
  • Making its content dynamic and scalable
  • Analyze customer behavior
  • General culture of website management
  • Analyze its performance and find areas for improvement


  • Know how to create and reference web content (texts, visuals)
  • Ability to create and manage paid advertising campaigns
  • Analyze online presence and impact
  • Create a strategic watch and monitor its e-reputation
“The Social Media training was a well of knowledge, explanations about the use of social networks and their concepts were exhaustive and very de-mystifying!”
Christel Lautel – Hoop de Mars
Formation social media et Formation Gestion du Back Office.

 : based on ½ days

: suitable for beginners / intermediates

: Our inbound marketing agency is registered with the DIRECCTE under the activity declaration number 93 13 15453 13. All of our trainings can be taken care of.

Your training





“I had already attended several social networking workshops, but none have been helpful to me. Built on my need, the training allowed me to understand the place of social networks relevant to my activity, to start using it with concrete advice and tools, to consider the planning of this task in the The head of the company.
In short, go ahead, it’s amazing!”
(Floriane Blanc-Gilbert – ExLudo)

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