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Popularized since the creation of YouTube, and taken over on all channels of communication (blogs, sites, social networks …), video media can be the vectors of an image of brands, trends, and virality. Aimed at teaching, or to create buzz, many companies use video to make themselves known and develop their concept to the general public. In 2017, video will represent almost 69% of the data online, so how to optimize the use of this tool?

Engage your target audience with video

Used as much within a content marketing strategy as online advertising, in B to B or B to C, video is now essential. To increase the engagement of Internet users, let’s take the example of Youtube which focuses on targeting by specialization, with the recent launch of Youtube Gaming or Youtube Kids. Today, 6 out of 10 Youtube users talk about their videos or share them, and nearly a third of buyers have seen a useful video on this platform before buying a product. The video brings a real added value but it is above all to target its audience, choosing its broadcast channel or the format of the video.

Vidéo stratégie digitale

What video support for my digital strategy?

Live video, Vine (rip), snapchat or instagram videos … The influx of fast and easily accessible video applications by the largest number would almost make up for the more professional professions behind the camera. With the goal of sharing it as much as possible, we need to get the commitment right from the start. So, it should not be forgotten that it takes 15 seconds to capture the interest of the surfer.

Today we present Motion Design. It is an animated work, according to a stoyboard and a precise message, with many data. It is used to explain or democratize a concept that seems more complicated in a clear and playful way. The interest of this system is to produce short videos in order to keep the attention of the public. We show you, for example, the motion design of a therapeutic technology.

Motion Design for our client Alma Bio Therapeutics, currently raising funds

My Green Startup has recently developed a new video marketing service symbolized by the Video Studio. We meet your digital needs, with joint preparation, filming and editing, in accordance with the message you wish to convey.

Discover the Video Studio of My Green Startup, and tell us about your video needs.

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